2000000 $20,000,00

Homeowner's that have gone solar:

17500000 $17,500,000

Total Bill Savings:

10500 10,500

Panels Installed :

We’ve put together a free training to show you how to not only save, but get the power company to pay you.

  • Have a desire to cheat the meter, spin it back, and cut your electricity bill.
  • Maybe you’re suffering from bill anxiety and not being able to choose where to get your power.
  • You know that owning a home is expensive already and may have cussed the power company more than once in your life (By the way, they don’t hear you...and don’t care).
  • You would rather spend time and money having fun with your family instead of padding someone else’s pockets.
  • Or maybe you just want to learn how produce your own energy and even sell it back to the grid.

 Learn how to cut your electric bill and increase the value of your home.


300 +

Succsessful Customers


Here’s just a few things you get when you choose SunLife:

Custom Designed Panel System !

White Glove Delivery and Same Day Installation

Pro SunPower panels - maximum power per square inch

Smart Meter Install - to Sell Your Energy Back to the Grid

25 Year Power/Replacement Warranty on Labor, Shipping, and Parts

 Learn how to cut your electric bill and increase the value of your home.

SunLife’s panel systems have been:

One of the largest residential and commercial installer bases in the United States

Deployed in over 500,000 residential systems worldwide

Installed over 30 million panels across the globe in every climate imaginable

SunLife offers the SunPower® EquinoxTM system, a complete home solar solution